Vivosun 6 Inch Inline Fan & Filter

Vivosun 6 Inch Inline Fan & Filter

Vivosun 6 inch inline fan + filter series are a major hit within the horticultural market. They offer the most cost effective solutions for indoor growing gear. The inline fan + filter combination is extremely popular among online sales. Vivosun offers two inline 6 inch fan + filter kits with additional carbon filter belt strap. Vivosun company has not been popular among the brick and mortar shops but is dominating Amazon sales.

Why is VIVOSUN so popular? Are their products premium and comparable to industry leaders such as Vortex or Can Max products? Below is a cited quote from the company:

VIVOSUN horticulture provides you with the premium hydroponics equipment and services at the best prices. It is our commitment to be the best indoor gardening + hydroponic store that you’ll want to do business with again and again.


The Vivosun Inline Fan: Tube design

I purchased the 6inch inline fan & filter combo kit simply for a 4×4 breeding tent. I made the purchase from as the product is sold by Vivosun and fulfilled by Amazon. Amazon shipped the product from their warehouse; in which, the original packaging was re-boxed for stealth shipping.

Vivosun 6 inch fan & filter combo by

Vivosun packaging

The original packaging for the 6 inch inline fan and filter was packaged together as a combo kit. The packaging was excellent; every object was wrapped and seal neatly. The packing was very efficient and no one would ever suspect these product within the single horizontal box.

Product details

The vivosun 6 inch inline fan uses a inline tube design. The design is to help make the unit less loud and slightly more efficient.

  • CFM: 390CFM without carbon filter
  • Noise: <37DB without filter or ducting attached.
  • Consumption: 67watts and 0.55amps
  • Power Cord: 5.4 feet
  • Product weight: Filter + Fan: 9k.g or 19.8LBS
  • Purchase Price: $139.00 CAD + Free shipping as Amazon PRIME member.
  • Carbon Filter: Australia Virgin Charcoal with pre-filter
  • Flange: Flange is manufactured to carbon filter.
  • Controller: Unit comes with 3 speed controller.

The product test

Did the product perform as I expected? No, the product did not perform as I expect. Although I did not expect to much because of the purchase price. Why then was I disappointed? Do no believe everything you read on Amazon reviews.

The positive aspects:

The vivosun 6 inch fan + filter is cheaply priced and it would be difficult to find a better price. If your bargin hunting than do not expect premium performance. The fan and filter is very light, weighing approx 19lbs together. The inline fan does come with a 3 speed controller which is a bonus IMO.

GROZONE TV12 speed controller bu

Although quality speed controllers range from $30-$100 dollars that offer day/night senors with 10speed settings such as the TV12. This speed controller was purchased from a local hydroponic store and cost $99.00 CAD. Unfortunately the TV12 is not excellent and does have some function issues such as delays, poor low speed setting and a poor speed calibration. I am in no way endorsing the GROZONE TV12 controller.

The negative aspects:

Sadly, the fan has more negative’s than positives. I must admit I am a bit bias with my review; I have always operated premium grow products that are very costly. Let the negative list begin: The fan is loud, its as loud as most inline fans with a centrifugal impeller at the same CFM rate. I cannot test the CFM but I can tell you it moves LESS air than my Max Fan 6 inch inline & my Jet 6inch inline fan. I choose not to compare it against my Vortex 6inch inline fan- that would be a waste of my time.

VIVOSUN 6 inch fan and filter combo by
Vivosun fan + filter & about 4 feet on ducting.

Once you have the filter and ducting attached, the over all CFM is decreased. This is true for any setup. A key factor when determining fan quality is: how well will that fan overcome drag and resistance. A must read about Coefficient of friction is essential to grow room ventilation.The Vivosun turbine just cannot handle resistance. The centrifugal impeller is more geared for better air movement.

To buy or not to buy?

Would I buy the Vivosun 6 inch inline fan again? Probably not. I would only buy the fan if I knew I would only use it for a grow tent. I like the ability to use fans in various designs and not be strictly subjected to one application only. The best use for the fan + filter would be for fresh air return. The fan is not powerful enough as a primary exhaust system for bedrooms.

What is the ideal application than?

The ideal applications for the fan would be tents that use LED, T5 or MH conversion bulbs up to 600Watts, maybe a 600HPS bulb. I suspect the fan could not cool a 4×4 tent adequately with a 600HPS during summer. During winter months, I suspect the fan + filter combo would be acceptable.

currently the tent is cooling 440watts of T5 light. During winter the tent remains around 20 degrees. During the months of September the tent was warmer than the house ambient air; therefor, the average temperature was around 25degrees. Now you can understand why I struggle suggesting a 600HPS with the Vivosun 6inch inline fan + filter combo.

I would argue their Vivosun centrifugal fan & filter combination kit would be acceptable and comparable to the Max Can or Jet fan’s. The Vivosun combination kit would still be cheaper, which is a bonus.

Final Thought

The company has made an excellent splash in the online market. I personally will buy other products they sell. They advertise just like everyone else does; you cannot blame them. One must understand, they do offer grow gear at a cheap cost- that is excellent. They also offer a variety of quality fans- that is also excellent. They usually give you a 10% off discount code with every order-also excellent.

I personally, require the most silent, fastest CFM fan per size possible; my rooms are strictly business. For professional inline fans, it is not comparable. For the hobbyist grower, I would strongly consider this option. Best part about the company is the excellent customer service.

Customer service is 5 stars!

Customer Service is excellent and untouched; they are geared towards the every day consumer. This gives them a great market advantage on I personally own 2 of their ballast + bulbs. The ballast operate cooler and strict as far as the expensive ballast. So don’t be negative about VIVOSUN, just question about what product is best for your application.

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