Purple Punch Strain Review

Purple Punch Strain Review

The Purple Punch strain is excellent and perfect for all levels of growers. I personally enjoyed reviewing Purple Punch. I would personally keep Purple Punch around if only I can find regular cannabis seeds.

High Times did a Purple Punch review in April 519 magazine issue. Sadly, the only good thing about the article was the photos. The information provided is repetitive, useless and less than informative. What did grab my attention was the amazing photography of the Purple Punch strain.

My photography is awful but I will attach a few photos shorty. First look at these images that are used to advertise by Seedmans and Barneys Farm.

Most Purple Punch review for strains are about taste, smell and quality of high but I want to offer you something more! I want to offer you growing advice and information I have learned when growing. Below are some images of Purple Punch between 60-64 days old; depending on what day the plants where trimmed.

Purple Punch Strain INFO

  • Genetics: Grand Daddy Purple X Larry OG Kush
  • Cultivation: Indoor
  • Characteristics: Medium height, stocky, leafy, easy to trim, dominate apical cola
  • Indica/Sativa: Mostly Indica (90%)
  • Medical: Can be used for medial benefits such as appetite, sleep, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and AHDD
  • Indoor Yield: High- can produce 1lb per 600HPS bulb or 1.27 grams per watt.
  • Aroma: Berry, Sweet, Sugar
  • Flower Times: 56-60days
  • Resin: 4/5 rating
  • Bag appeal: 4/5 rating

Purple Punch odor, flavor and ‘effects’ profile

Purple Punch Odor

The terpine profile for Purple Punch is simple but also complex enough to keep you guessing. The odor has a very dominate fruity, grape berry smell, as well as, a very complex sweet, sugar smell. Its very tantalizing enough to make your buccal glands pucker and saliva glands secrete. I have smelled the grape terpine profile before but never with such as sweet and sugary complex.

Purple Punch flavor

Well this is hard one to describe since everyone’s view will be a bit different. But one thing for sure, it has a very dank deep flavor profile that is smooth. It is a bit woody but very much fruity.

Purple Punch Effects

The Purple Punch when growing to a full 9 weeks- as it should be, will knock you ass flat. It will become apparent to others that you have smoked. You should not drive or drink when playing with Purple Punch. The strain has the ability to produce excellent mind and body highs. You will forget how to count, forget what your about to do and maybe what you where ever talking about.

You will burn out but not dramatically like a lot of strains. Also, you do not have to smoke frequently; once inhaled you will be on your own little journey that may take hours. Its exceptional smoke if you do not have to be responsible for the day. Its even better to smoke at night since it will help you relax to get some sleep. It will be hard to build tolerance to this strain, its really a work of art. Now, continue to read for what we been all waiting for.

Growing Purple Punch

The Purple Punch strain is not actually difficult to grow. When starting from seed, I had two specific pheno-types of the strain. This is common and generally your responsibility to determine which pheno-types are best for you.

Purple punch can grow tall, because she can stretch in flower. She is a fast grower in flower; in which, she not only doubles her height but in volume. The beast may need taming and for all your SOG or ScrOG this plant will work wonders for you. She loves to shoot a dominate apical bud structure; therefore, SOG or ScrOG is ideal to help tame her during flower.


I personally am not a huge fan of tall cannabis plants. Purple Punch is no different to height profiles than Northern Lights strains. She is a pretty typical growth height for most indoor plants. Purple Punch is oddly strong, she loves to grow strong stocks that really are semi-hardwood. She can support most of her branches. The very lower laterals would require support if you left them on. Purple Punch has no problem turning lower lateral buds into resinous Kush looking buds.

Nutrient Sensitivity

Purple punch had zero issues with nutrients from an early age. I believe less is more but I love to feed my plants a mild nutrient feed early in life. Max TDS during vegetation was 1100PPM with no signs of distress but general feed was 900PPM.

During flower, Purple Punch received 800PPM first week, 1000PPM for week 2-3, 1200PPM from week 3-5 and finally 950ppm for weeks 5 and 6. After week six she received heavy water to help remove residues. Than two final feeds of 1-5-4 with Jet Fuel + Carbs buy Innovation Plant Products. Than on week 7 and 8 she was given Final Phase. Really not sure how well Final Phase works, it almost has a lemon water feel.

Temperature & Humidity

Purple Punch is easy to grow primarily because she can handle a range of temperatures and humidity. I live in the cold, northern part of Canada where our RH can drop down to 15%; plants will respond negatively to that. I find sensitive strains like Night Nurse or Blueberry need a RH above 40% otherwise they shut down. Purple Punch grew just fine with a RH around 30% when transitioning during out first cold snap. She kept on growing with no signs of distress on the leafs.

The grow room never achieved a RH higher than 42% during flower time. The temperatures maxed out at 26 degrees at canopy height. The floor measured 22 degrees Celsius. The most important thing about Purple Punch is that can handle heat stress. The buds can handle a bit of heat stress but will change profile compared to the lower canopy.

Yield and Resin Production

The yield for Purple Punch is excellent. When testing a new strain, I usually dedicate 3 or 6 lights, depending on what becomes available. I will never disclose the amount of lights, cannabis plant count, dates or location due to security reason. I have developed support from out local growers but its best to keep a arms length always.

Purple Punch can boast a 600gram meter square; which is excellent. With my test run, we dedicated 5 x 600watt HPS USHIO HILUX Gro bulbs. The bulbs are not excellent but affordable and much better than any Sylvina grow bulb. USHIO cannot compare to the best grow lights in the industry the Hortilux grow light series.

Purple Punch was tested under 5 x 600watt= 2900 total watts of flower power. Typical, growers should expect a minimal goal of .5grams per watt. With the industry standard, my test should have yield approx 3lbs of cannabis.

My yield on 2900 watts of flower power, was 5lbs and 1 OZ of excellent cannabis with no plant training. Therefore, each 600HPS bulb yield 1lb of cannabis. This means my grow room was operating within the particular parameters optimum for growing. It also means, Purple Punch is an excellent producer. Furthermore, 1lb per 600HPS means mostly to me that my grow was successful. If I was hitting the industry standard of .5grams per watt, people would go broke with today’s market price.

Final Thought

Purple Punch was an excellent strain to review and I would grow again personally if I could obtain regular seeds. Understand if you purchase Purple Punch you may obtain more than one pheno-type; therefore, best to germinate all your seeds and determine which pheno-type is most desirable to you. The strain is fairly easy to grow and probably should be plant trained. I suspect the strain would perform excellent as a SOG method because it does like to stretch a bit during flower.

If your interesting in buying Purple Punch seeds, you can get them from Barneys Farm or Seedmans seed bank. We also sell our personal seeds, Cannabis & Opium Seeds which you can click the following link below.

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