Low Ball Pot Prices

Low Ball Pot Prices

Okay, a lot can be said about low ball pot prices and it will spark debates; everyone has an opinion and they think there always right. Well, let me start of with by setting it straight with front hand knowledge.

Pot markets are destroyed; what has changed? Dealer pricing have not change; therefor, grams still sell for $10.00, eights for $30 and Oz for $180. Nothing has changed on the streets. What is the cause and effects of the low ball pot prices?

Piss off legalization!

Legalization has allowed for a massive amount of cannabis to be produced by companies in mass production; mostly by greenhouses; in turn, illegal growers have to sell for less to compete with dispensaries and online cannabis stores. BUT that’s only the partial story, here is the most fucked part: most ‘legal’ companies sell the extra product to the black-market! Its a fact and the effects are; massive amounts of weed are flooding the streets forcing illegal grows to quit or drop prices.

In turn, small growers with 2-8 lights generally cannot afford to keep operations going. Who can blame them? Prices have dropped, as low as $1000 a LB for run of the mill weed strains- that’s bullshit. How does one pay the awful .10cent/kilowatt hydro bill, nutrients, trimmers, growing medium and maybe clones? Honestly, legalization has damaged everything and allowed ONLY rich company’s to profit be attain commercial licenses; therefore they get away with any illegal activity.

Why would legalization be good for pot prices? ITS NOT.

Life’s not fair, I get it. But most of you idiots voted for this and allowed legislation to happen. Why would legalization be good for pot prices? All it did was create low ball pot prices- you who voted for legalization just let the devil in and gave them control over the whole industry. Their the crooks with guns, not the mom and pop growers. Mom and pop growers simply grow for expensive gas, mortgage payments and excessive groceries prices.

Communities rely on marketplace growers!

Many city markets rely on the growers to keep the economy going! Without growers, your electrical bill rates would be much higher per kilowatt. People are trained to believe growers are the enemy and cost hydro millions of dollars per year by theft! That could not be so far from the truth! Growers PAY there bills on time to avoid detection. Growers pay the hydro company’s more money than regular house holds could ever pay, therefore contributing to society comparable to a non grower. The average grower pays between $400-$1000 a month and the average house pays about $100 per month. Do that math, growers give a lot back to the economy!

How to survive low-ball-pot-prices?

So with the cost of production being so high what can growers do to survive? STOP SELLING YOUR PRODUCT IN A PAWN SHOP MANNER! Don’t just grow more product and sell for less; that is not the answer!

The grower is in control, no one else!

Growers need to stop selling their weed for cheap just to make the sale. You are in control and you set the fair market price! Not the guy with the stacks of cash in elastic bands; he’s 100% relying on you to sell to him. You cannot go to the supermarket and start bidding low ball prices, that’s now how it works. The middle guy is just making the money, hes buying your LBS for cheap and up selling it.

Ex) You sell your LB for $1000 and he sells it by the quarter LB (QP) for $500, which results in $2000 a LB. WTF just happened. You just gave him all the power and he spent maybe 2 days with the product- maybe even an hour and doubled his money. You spend 3+ months with it, plus occurred the production cost, time trimming and RISK for almost nothing. Remember it cost you about $350-400 to make that LB.

Get control back of low-ball-pot-prices!

Their is always another side to the story and I just fucking said it! You bet I did you fucking cock suckers! You pious, double minded fucks thinking you can just sell your product in anyone’s space. Here are some real life examples that does happen and will continue to happen because the system is flawed!

You have dispensary selling product out the back door; this is true and theirs no denying it. So we have an insider, an acquaintance giving me information only because I’m trusted by him due to my credibility in the field. So what is really happening with legal dispensaries? Two flawed transactions are taking place with legal dispensaries.

First flaw:

We have product that gets sold out the back door for cheap to whole sale pot buyer/sellers which influence to the going rate of the black market. When you sell your product, your wholesaler say’s he can buy product for cheap and acquired lbs of kush for $1100; now you must compete by selling your product for $1050 per LB. The price per lb of cannabis has just dropped again.

Second Flaw:

Dispensaries are selling illegal cannabis bought from illegal grow operations. Now this is can be good for the illegal grower but sadly it results in negative effects for every other grower. What we need is a system well all illegal growers sell product at a competitive price that price match’s dispensaries but without the taxes. This way, all growers retain their profit margins and can grow as much cannabis as there sq/ft can handles.

Sadly that is not the current case, any legal dispensary simply hides behind the law, knowing its all bullshit. They act pious, clueless and innocent about the real, hidden reality of their illegal cannabis transactions. Its the simple act of selfishness and the primary trait of legalization.

Lbs of small kush buds being sold for $900-1100LB that just did not make the cut at dispensary! The buds would be small, creating poor bag appeal but quality is acceptable. This is a common tactic for dispensary to sell all ‘levels’ of product to make extra money! Well guess who looses out? Yup, YOU… The grower, the hard working grower!

I hope some realization and rebellion has been sparked within you and that you stand up for your product! I hope you start to show pride for your product and stop underselling your hard work and emotional/relationship sacrifice. Please take the time to review other blog entries, such as grower-ethics and cannabis-grow-tips.

Final note:

I ask kindly for you growers to band together and stop low balling each other. I kindly ask to regain stability over the market. We are not each-other enemy but rather legalization is. Nobody else is loosing as much as the grower therefor, everyone else is making a profit on legalization ex)electrical companies, grow stores, nutrient company’s, SEO pests, dealers, cannabis wholesalers (middle man), and last but not least the Government!

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  1. Damn. your opinionated but right. I google cannabis stores and your review pop’s up and I did not want to read but I did because you did online store reviews. I read a few of your short storys and I like them. Keep up the blogging.

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