How To Sex A Male Cannabis Plant

How To Sex A Male Cannabis Plant

It is very easy to determine the sex of a male cannabis plant. To determine the plant gender you will need to identify a for clues during vegetation than variety during flower. The practice by which you determine the sex of a male cannabis plant may be long but absolute necessary.

Lets first learn how to sex your cannabis male plant than lets learn tips on ways to reduce male to female plant ratios when growing from seed- non is scientifically proven.

Male & Female Gender Identities

The male plant during flower will develop two distinct balls or sacks. They will elongate but remain fairly oval. During the first week of flower, the male identifiers will form by the bilateral split of the stock and branches. Typically from the 3rd inter-node space and above male identifiers will produce first.

To identify a male cannabis plant by
Male pollen sacks are developing. This male plant is 7 days into flower.
To identify a male cannabis plant by
This Kush male is the same plant as above but a bit closer view. Notice the ball’s forming and not the typical V shaped white pistle/hairs of a female cannabis plant.

After the first week you should daily inspect your plants as the cannabis plant will display major changes every single day until the male pollen sacks have developed. The proccess after developing the pollen sacks is to facilitate pollen production, ripen and fly. Your goal is to determine the sex of the male cannabis plant before the male sacks have fully developed; therefore before any pollen production starts.

Here are some more images of a male plant seven days into flower. Generally at this point you will discard the plant. There is no concern of pollen flying at this time and you only wasted one week. I generally like to take clones from the plant than flower the mother. If the mother is male, I will discard the clones I made. If the mother turns out to be a female, I will keep the clones I make.

The photos below is the same BC Kush plant by BC Bud Depot after 10 days of flower. By now, it is very obvious we have a male plant to destroy!

To identify a male cannabis plant by
Notice how the male pollen sacks are easy to identify with no large V shaped female hairs.
To identify a male cannabis plant by
Pollen sacks forming new the top of the male cannabis plant.
To identify a male cannabis plant by
Another view of male pollen sacks forming new top of male cannabis plant. This plant is 10 days into flower. At this point, you should destroy the plant if your set up for pollen extraction.

A female plant looks looks just like the male plant but instead of the male pollen sacks building up all over the plant, female hairs will form out of the calyx. The image below is a Rockstar Kush female with female white hairs extending out of the calyx- reminds me of a women’s vulva.

To identify a female cannabis plant by
To identify a female cannabis plant by
Pretty easy to tell the different between a female and male plant once in flower. Not easy to tell when in vegetation.

Visible signs of male plant

Over all, it is easy to determine the sex of your cannabis plant when in flower but not so easy when in vegetation. There are some signs that a grower can follow for earlier indications; this can be done by growing characteristics. The male plant will go through an initial stretch once induced to flower. All cannabis plant will stretch during flower but the males will bolt and become taller. The function of bolting during flower is to give the male plant the biggest advantage to spread its pollen by being taller.

It will be very obvious to you when you see 4-6 inch of inter-node spacing and roughly 50% of your plants are obviously taller. Your plants will look like they are 1 week older by growth; this is an excellent identifier and that is when I start to organize my plants.

Organize your plants by signs of bolting

I will start to move my plants intersections once I see a particular plant bolt. Most of the time, I am correct, simply because of the bolting characteristics during the first 1week of flower. This practice is really that simple and highly accurate. You still need actual gender confirmation by pollen sack development.

The male pollen sacks will start to become noticeable after one week and mature after 3-4 weeks. You should remove all signs of male plants within 2 weeks of flower. They males should be killed off and removed outdoors under a compost pile or garbage bags.

Clues during vegetation is possible

When trying to sex male cannabis plants there are subtle clues during vegetation. Sexing a male cannabis plants during vegetation is the most difficult and does require an experienced eye. Therefore, it is highly recommend to induce flowering and verify at that point in time. Various clues include, taller and lengthy plants. Male plants tend to be the fasted and most robust growers with shortest life expectancy in the natural world.

Possible tricks to produce more female plants from seed

Some argue that you can increase the success ratios of female to male plants by the way you care for the seed. The care includes storage and germination practices. Some people argue the genetic dispositions are determined during germination. I have a strong feeling some of these beliefs are true as I generally have a 70% female to male ratio when germination. Honestly, this is true with my own seed production.

When I purchase seeds from online I will get 20-40% male to female ratios which is absolutely awful. These ratios tell me personally, that the manufacturing and storage of seeds by these seed producers is poor and quality of care is minimal. If you have any questions about your cannabis plant please leave a comment below and we will happily reply. If you want a more personalized service please use our contact page. Happy Growing!

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