How To Make Poppy Tea

How To Make Poppy Tea

Are you looking to make poppy tea? Not sure where to begin? I have the recipes your searching! It is very simple and I will indulge you with a simple recipe.  This article is for research purposes only. Examples for those who may benefit are ‘dooms day prepper’s who seek knowledge on self preservation.

The required ingredients can be found at every grocery store.  Poppy seeds from any genetic variations will work but one major problem persist. The issues about making poppy tea is the strength by which each batch makes; therefore, each batch will always have a variance of strengths. This is primary because each poppy seed strains contain different alkaloid levels, as well as, the health of each poppy pod and growing conditions.

Two ways to make Poppy Tea:

You can make poppy tea in two ways: either seeds or pod and straw (stem).  The poppy seeds are the most popular way of acquiring ingredients for the poppy tea. This is because the poppy seeds are found at the local grocery store. The downsize about using seeds over pods and straw is that you will require a lot of seeds.

Basic Recipe: Poppy Seed Tea

  • Poppy Seeds: 200grams
  • Water: 400ML
  • Lemon Juice: 30ML

Warm 400ML of water in a kettle. Once boiling, let water rest for 2 minutes before adding your poppy seeds. Let poppy seeds rest in tea for approx 20-30 minutes. Apply 30ML of lemon juice to active contents.

Sip the tea over the course of 1hr. Effects may be felt within 15minutes. Do not become inpatient and drink your tea fast. If after 1 hour you do not achieve your desired effects you may consider making another tea and increase concentration. There are limited ways to gauge the safety of poppy seed tea as all seeds batches will be different. As a result, some batches are stronger as well as some genetics are stronger.

China White is popular among pharmaceuticals because of the large pods and extreme potency. Other common variations are: Danish Flag, Hen and Chicks, Pom Pom, Gianteum, Blue England, Australian Blue and Blacks to name a few.

Poppy Seed Recipe: Pods & Straw

  • Grinder
  • Coffee Filters
  • Coffee Machine
  • Lemon Juice 30ML
  • 2-3 Poppy heads
  • 250ML of Water


This recipe will produce a stronger, more euphoric effect, but you will need to quire poppy pods. Acquiring pods is easy, simply grow some poppy’s. Poppy seeds can be purchased from our site.

Grind your pods til the size is small like sand. Than dust the poppy grinds into your coffee filter. Put 1 cup of water into your coffee machine.  Hit brew cycle.  Add 30ML of lemon juice.   If you require a stronger batch you can brew one more time.

At this point, you must drink slowly over the course of 1 hour. Do not be impatiennt and drink fast. Poppy tea is addictive and dangerous. Do not rely on this article or by any other accounts read online. You must be very cautious as your life is at risk.


Be very careful as you do not know the strength of your pods. Different sub-breeds of poppy produce different pod sizes; therefore, the amount of pods being grind will vary. Do not follow this recipe as it will not be safe for everyone. Always error on the side of caution.

If your looking for information on how to grow poppy’s please visit our blog growing-opium-poppy’s. Additional reading is listed below and is absolutely excellent!


Have a person with you that can administer Narcan (naloxone). You can purchase Narcan at 4mg nasal spray or Sub Q (subcatanious) injection. Understand the signs of overdose and don’t be afraid to call for help.  Obviously be honest with the paramedics so they can admin high flow O2, Narcan and epinephrine if required.With all that being said! Happy Growing 🙂

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