Health Effects of CBD
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Health Effects of CBD

The concerning health effects of CBD appears to be a major interest in the cannabis field. CBD stands for Cannabidiol and has always been legal but unregulated. Since legalization CBD has been a major contributor and justified why cannabis should be legal. CBD has proven to be very beneficial for some medial conditions. Until recently, CBD was viewed as a supplement not a medication.

Recently, doctors are prescribing CBD to treat medical conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain for inflammation, as well as, epilepsy. So what are the real health effects of CBD? Are the health effects of CBD positive, negative or somewhere in the middle? Lets start with looking at the positives

CBD and Epilepsy

In 2018 the FDA approved Epidiolex as a cannabidiol (CBD) oral medication used to treat two types of epilepsy. The mediation is a oral serum. Epidiolex must be tritrated until maximum dose is achieved. High CBD cannabis strains where smoked before the FDA approved medications. Chilren 2 years or older can recieve an oral does of Epidiolex.

How Epidoilex works is unknown. CBD effects the neurological system of the body and everyone agrees on that. Since CBD effects the neurological system, CBD will have a range of effects on the body. Cannabidiol does not produce a mental ‘high’ unlike its cousin THC. CBD is the second most prevalent cannabinoid.

The main side effects with any CBD is actually minimal. The common side effects are sleepiness, decreased appetite, sleep problems and increase liver enzymes. The more serious side effects of chronic, high use of CBD include liver problems but mostly found when people are on many prescriptions such as anti depressants.

Some people can develop a hypersensitivity to CBD; therefore, making a person feel excessively sleepy. The possibility of allergic reaction is most likely when a person has developed hypersensitivity to CBD.

CBD For Chronic Pain

The health effects for CBD and chronic pain are developing an excellent track record. Most people with chronic pain suffer some form of opioid addiction weather they like to admit it or not. The use of CBD can be frequent with minimal change of abuse or addictive attributes.

Generally, CBD is best treats particular chronic conditions such as, cancer, neurological pain and fibromalgia. CBD pain treatments help with personal well-being, in particular joint and muscle pain.

Regular dosages of CBD oil is commonly used to treat joint pain such as your knees. Other successful treatments with CBD oil and particularly smoking cannabis flower has been to treat migraines and arthritis pain. CBD has the ability to reduce side effects of migraines and cancer by minimizing vomiting, pain and increasing appetite.

Primary Negative Side Effects

The health effects of CBD can be negative; sometimes CBD effects are positive or negative it really depends on the desired specific outcome. CBD has help increase appetite for cancer patients. But when treating pain, CBD sometimes has negative side effect by decreasing ones appetite.

The most common side is sleepiness that affects 1 in 3 users. Cannabis smokers also use CBD for sleep; therefore, the negative health effects of CBD are positive. With sleepiness being a side effect, most people feel fatigued after smoking cannabis flower with high CBD rates.

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The over all health effects of CBD is truly positive. All medication will effect your liver at some point, especially if you use many medication. Like any medication it is important to use as prescribed or per need basis. Abusing any medication may result with negative health effects.

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