Growers Ethics!
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Growers Ethics!

“Integrity”, “Ethics”, “Respect”, and “Honesty”, are required to become a excellent assist in the growing community.

What are growers ethics? Does it really exist? Do all growers follow some Code of Ethics?

There is a simple answer to all this: Yes, it does exist within the growing community but limited to individuals that aspire to leave the hood mentality behind. And yes most growers are a bit paranoid! Why is it funny that I am writing a spurt about ethics and growing? Ethics and growers is not typically a google search but who cares right? As long as everyone’s getting paid and everything runs smoothly- we ignore the underlying principles that allow use to be successful.

So what are the growers ethics I’m talking about? Growers ethics is not set in stone and I’m sure you have developed your own- which is correct too. Here is a friendly reminder of what ethics I follow and my fellow comrades.


You must have respect for other growers, as well as your neighbors; even if they are complete assholes. Simply do not gossip about peoples products or growing practices. Doing so could get your hurt- remember that. Don’t go running your mouth by saying: “he does not flush his stuff right”, and “hes a lazy grower”, or “his shit always has mites”. You simply shut your mouth about others in the business.

Why do you feel like you need to gossip about him or her when your product should be doing all the talking- your cannabis product should be doing the only talking. Your buyer will always be happy buying your product, you want your buyer to think ‘hey, its buddies stuff, its always good, always weighed right, always excellent’. I first learned this from a old school grower who been successful growing in central interior of BC for 40+ years. You should listen to these guys they actually pioneered growers ethics or how ever you want to phrase it.

be fake but not to fake! You must fake something to those that make you vulnerable! Try to be a nice guy, not to approachable but not a thug. Do not bring bad people to your block- your neighbors might not like that. Believe me, I am not the only one who gets territorial when I see a heat scoring fuck driving down a rural road.


Never weight your bags light. I make sure every bag gets extra to eliminate any problems.

If your weight out your product in 1/2 lb bags (as I suspect), weight out to 240grams. That is just how I do business. Honestly extends much further than being measured by a scale. Don’t sell wet product and don’t sell product that burns black- you better disclosure everything. Don’t sell buds littered with seeds from females that hermaphrodite. Also, if you have many bags for sale, make sure all your bags carry the same visible description. I hear story’s all the time that growers present a few good bags for sale and than stuff a few rough looking bags into mix.

Grow some balls, stand up for yourself and stand up for your product. Do you really want to sell some product to a buddy, who sells to a biker; in which, cant move his product and wants his money back? Be honest, don’t play third world games.


Integrity fits very well into growers ethics because it goes hand in hand with honestly. Stand up for yourself as I mentioned before and admit when your wrong. Don’t be a liar and try to play price games; simply state what price point you want for your product and stand by your choice. Only this way can we hold our prices firm and get back to normal market prices. Another common issue I see is vouching for a friend. Can you really trust bringing a new guy to help trim? Make sure your not vouching to much for people; people can be pretty flaky.

Other grower ethics that should not be taken loosely are as follows: don’t point other grow houses. Also, don’t call in another grow house. Perhaps my biggest pet peeve: don’t dump grow garbage near someones grow house. One should not talk about pot or business when you bump into them at Walmart, grow stores or in front of their old lady. A lot of people have a time and place for that. Perhaps the oldest growers ethic is: not to talk about pot on the phone, you never know what the other persons been up too.

Growing ethics is something we face every day since we decided to plug in our first grow lamp. A lot of these good practices are common sense which is not so common. Sadly, most people have to learn the hard way. I have been very blessed to learn from growers with 40+ years experience and being exposed at a young age I learned a few good things. A lot of these ethics are ingrained into my conscious and subconscious. Happy Growing 🙂

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