Easy Ways To Store Cannabis Seeds

Easy Ways To Store Cannabis Seeds

Lets get the facts right when storing your cannabis seeds! The basic facts to storing cannabis seeds is a very simple proccess unlike other web blogs that are loaded down with non sense bullshit. There are several ways to store cannabis seeds based on short or long term storage requirements.

Short Term Storage for Cannabis Seeds

When deciding to store cannabis seeds for the short term its best to understand that their is a lot of leeway. Short term would be defined as under 1 year. Safe storage practices can simply be meet in a cool, dry, dark place. Examples would be in a pill bottle, placed in a bottom drawer.

If your seed stock is healthy to begin with, you should have 95% successful germination rates, much like myself. I store seeds every year and germinate close to 2000+ seeds with these practices. The main objective is to keep your seeds viable therefore basic storage requirements must be met such as:

  • Cool
  • Dark
  • Dry
  • Low moisture levels. (no bathrooms)
High seed germination rates
Seeds stored in a dark, cool, dry place for approx 1 year. The seeds were not stored in a freezer. High germination rates. Forget what you learned from other idiot tent growers.

If you can create an environment similar to the basic guidelines for short term storage than many storage locations begin to work. Poor locations are bathrooms, kitchens and center consoles in vehicles. Were as, ideal locations may be cold bedrooms, crawlspaces, bottoms drawers in your office etc. Just do not over complicate the aspects. Also forget all the crap you read online about storing your seeds in a ridged way; that info is usually blogged by people scared of bad feed back, new growers/new bloggers, people with limited growing experience and reiterating other peoples information.  Remember, follow the basics and you will be successful.


Long Term Storage for Cannabis Seeds

Long term store of cannabis seeds is extremely basic. The main thing to understand is this: a deep freezer is different from a freezer. A freezer is attached to your fridge or sometimes as a stand alone unit; in which, foods are kept frozen at approx minus 6 to minus 9.  A deep freezer keeps your products frozen below -18C for long term handling.

Typical Freezer

Storing cannabis seeds in a typical freezer is safe for approx 5 years. You can store your seeds much longer in your freezer but your germination success will become lower. Store your seeds wrapped in paper towel and place inside a freezer zip lock bag. Try to remove as much air as possible. Same goes for your deep freezer.

Deep Freezer

Using a deep freezer to store your seeds is possible but may result in lower germination rates. If you store your cannabis seeds longer than 2 years in a deep freeze, I personally found that germination rates lower. I do not know how long you can store cannabis seeds in a deep freezer and I doubt other people are very accurate. How many people can say they have stored cannabis seeds in a deep freezer for 8,9 or 10 years? And than successful logged the germination rates? Not me nor many other people.

But what I can tell you is this: I have been storing cannabis seeds in a deep freeze for approx 5 years and the germination rates where low at approx 50%. Were as, I have personally stored seeds (as with other community growers) in a typical freezer for several years with great success in germination rates.

Final Thought

Deep freezers are ideal ways to store cannabis flower and I would recommend storing cannabis seeds in your normal freezer.  If your planning on using your seeds within the year, simply put them in a cold, dark, dry place- that simple. Storing your seeds for several years or not sure when you will be using them next, store the seeds in your normal freezer.

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