At Healthy Cannabis Reviews, we are here to help your growing needs. We offer some customization for indoor growing. We have faced many obstacles when growing cannabis; no grow rooms are alike. A lot of ingenuity is required to make the proper modifications to equipment and room designs.

If you need something particular send use an email from our contact form. Otherwise, review some products below and we can custom make them to your needs.

Free cannabis seeds with the purchase of our custom grow gear!

Custom Open/Closed Automated Duct Damper

The automated duct damper can be retrofitted into any ducting system. The automated duct damper can be made for 4-12 inch duct sizing. The duct work can be flex-ducting, semi ridge or solid.

Typical applications are for fresh air intakes to your grow rooms. The automated duct damper allows fresh air to flow into your rooms at your desired temperature. Otherwise, the duct damper will have a natural position of ‘closed’. The best application is to allow cold air to flow into the grow room only when the grow lights are on; otherwise you could damage your plants.

Low voltage wire between transformer and thermostat can be any desired length; therefor, custom upon your request. Typical length is 8 feet with an 8 foot power cord. The automated duct damper can be used for any purpose when you understand the principal. Price Index is listed below:

  1. 6 Inch Duct Damper + Thermostat $350.00
  2. 8 Inch Duct Damper + Thermostat $310
  3. 10 Inch Duct Damper + Thermostat $475

Auto Duct Damper for Cannabis Duct Damper for Cannabis


Lighting Control Board ( Timed + Continue)

We offer custom lighting control boards. We try to keep things as simple with the best functions for growers. This allows use to keep the prices down. The control boards will have a Heavy Duty Intermatic T101 Mechanic Timer that will control all your grow lights. We also dedicated 15 amps with continuous power supple meaning these plugs are not effected by the T101 timer. Please review pricing below.

  • 6 Light Time Board + 2 plug continuous. Unit can run 6x1000watt + 1x15AMP line. You require 240V 240Volt 50AMP Range Plug $250.00
  • 8 Light Time Board $310.00 . Unit can run 8 x 1000watts. You require 240Volt 50AMP Range Plug
  • 10 Light Time Board $358.00 Hard Wire Required

If you have any questions about ordering please contact our team and we will respond promptly. Our goal is excellent customer service! You will also get free seeds when you purchase our customer growing supplies.


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