At Health Cannabis, we are about blogging topics that shed light on the cannabis industry. Devoted topics include, cannabis cultivation practices, how to grow cannabis, seeds and clones for sale and strain reviews.

Since legalization, complex problems have arose, creating a new way of doing business. The cannabis trade has been unregulated for many years but still had a healthy competitive market guided by unspoken cannabis growers-ethics. The ethics are not engraved in stone but are generalized businesses practices that govern growers behaviors.

We represent growers at heart

At Health Cannabis, we are here to stand up for the grower, to connect growers alike and to review products related to growing. We want to provided as much information as possible and remove any ambiguity related to growing practices and growing products. Everyone that is not a grower can buzz off. Growers hold the key for everyone success.

Creating a cannabis growing resource network

We want to connect growers with good quality genetics made possible by the sale of clones and seeds. If you are interest in clones please join our mailing list and use our contact form for services. Clones are available in BC. All emails are encrypted and untraceable.

Connecting growers together for cannabis sales

We want everyone to sell there product. I know a lot of people growing simply to pay their mortgage and hydro bill. The more cannabis that can be sold as a collective union the more stable cannabis prices can be. Everyone who grows should be happy and as growers we must stand up for ourselves against the negative effects of legalization.

Final thought

The consumption of health cannabis is now legal for recreational purposes; this means laws and regulations are in effect. The laws protect the masses and Government interest. What about the collective group of growers that kept the spirit of growing alive for all these years under pressures of criminal law, public persecutions, and emotional segregation.

Today’s growers are tossed to the trash, given no opportunity to grow legal. With Government involvement we have rock bottom prices, floods of poor quality cannabis and larger organized crime able to reach coast to coast.  Authorized dealers work for the Government, protected by guns and legislation. Sadly, hidden behind the alias ‘legal dispensary’ we have massive amount of product being sold under the table at low-ball-pot-prices‘ and the Government just turns a blind eye’ calling the proccess ‘growing pains’. Pathetic.

Reclaim your rights as Growers

We are hear to spread the word of truth. To stand up for growers rights. To reclaim our market and reinforce our economy with money! Growers need to work together. BC growers are not enemy’s and should work together to protect our industry.

We stand for the growers legacy of British Columbia, representing our rights and freedoms. We need to stand united and work together. If you have anything services to offer growers in BC, use our contact page.

This image signify respect and team work. That is our goal. There is plenty of money to go around- legalization just stole 3 billion dollars!

We sell Cannabis & Opium Poppy Seeds

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